Bishop Cranford M. Davis

608 Harriett Street Henderson, NC 27536 

(252) 438-5559

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 916   Henderson, NC 27536

Worship Service

Sunday 10:30 am

Bible Study      Wednesday 7:00 pm



Welcome to Fresh Anointed Online.....

Our Mission
  • We are a place of deliverance, guidance and direction for new life in God. 
  • We operate under apostolic order to provide instruction for kingdom living. 
  • We meet the needs of the community, providing food for the hungry, direction for the lost, love and healing For the broken hearted. 
  • We are a fellowship for all people, providing empowerment for living life in the abundance and fullness of God.
  • We spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Our Vision

·        To be a house of Worship, Prayer and Deliverance … A church formed to preach the Gospel and on one accord led by the Lord Jesus Christ, built upon the foundations of the Word of God and prayer, with perpetual praise and worship to God and where intercession is a way of life.  


·        To be a Church "For all People"…A church without discrimination, racism or prejudice. 


·        To be a strong local Church... An active, love based fellowship that will have a positive impact on our community through outreach and missions that emphasize the power and love of God providing instruction for kingdom living today.  Providing housing, education, counseling, food, and instruction for those that are looking for renewal and self-improvement.


·        To be a training center for ministry and education… Encompassing a Christian child care center, and school through grade 12; a life center with activities for youth, the elderly, and personal development instruction;  an accredited Bible College to train ministers and lay workers; a business training center where individuals from all fields are prepared to fulfill their calling and operate in excellence.


·        To have a strong media ministry… Utilizing multiple mediums including radio, television, internet, and various publications.


·        To be a center for creative art development… Developing a production center with drama, music, graphic art and other forms of creative expression for the entire community to utilize and develop their talents and gifts to praise God and encourage man. 

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